Virtual Interactions
Do your virtual events attract, engage and track? PharMethod is uniquely qualified as a single-source, full-service provider of virtual communication needs.
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InSome time ago, your need for virtual interactions evolved from the life sciences demand to:

  • • Find efficiencies in marketing communications,
  • • Justify significant ROI on every action taken toward targeted audiences and
  • • Meet regulatory requirements over every one of these communications and interactions

Maybe you identified the need immediately when it began or you are just realizing it now and need to play some hard core catch-up. Either way, it has brought you here to PharMethod's Virtual Interactions Solution and we will, without question, accelerate your standing and success with it. Pharmethod provides clients' strategic guidance, program design, comprehensive deployment and optimization for virtual and live healthcare initiatives that produce results.

Through the platforms we have developed, you can access and interact virtually with targeted audiences for marketing, clinical, training and educational needs. We can even build those audiences for you. Learn more

We create specific strategic initiatives for virtual programming including live and archived streaming, digital content management and interactive HCP communication platforms at an enterprise wide, brand or project level to produce successful outcomes.

Latest Innovations

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PharmaCAST is for:

  • Virtual Promotional Meetings
  • Virtual Speaker Trainings
  • Virtual Investigator Meetings
  • Virtual Advisory Boards
  • Live Speaker trainings
  • Satellite Symposia
  • Virtual Sales Product Trainings
  • Teleconferences

Virtual Interactions Solution Platform

PharmaCAST is a unique virtual meetings platform that allows clients to access and interact live with targeted audiences online. Our state-of-the-art technology turns the ever changing necessity of compliance into an opportunity to deliver dynamic, interactive events with the added benefit of accessibility to all the details for ROI post event reporting. With a world class team of developers, compliance advisors, program managers, marketing experts and technology tools, virtual events allow your strategy to be both impactful and compliant.

Client Services Overview

Our experience in merging technology with healthcare interactions provides you with a single source partner to conceive, plan and implement these programs from start to finish.

  • Program Design & Development
  • Best Practices Consultation
  • Customizable Marketing Communications Materials
  • Field Force Implementation Assistance
  • Branded Portal Creation
  • Event Hosting and Moderation
  • Technical Field Services & Equipment
  • Attendance Registration, Tracking and Reporting
  • Polling & Testing Creation

Key Platform Advantages

The PharmaCAST platform provides multiple levels of broadcast technology ranging from basic information sharing to high-resolution video broadcasting via the web or
mobile technology

  • Web Based Portal for Registration and Attendance Management
  • Broadcast Generation Anywhere in the World
  • Engaging Video & Audio with Synchronized Slides
  • User Chat and Questions, Live Polling, and Data Reporting
  • Live Program, Enduring Content or Hybrid
  • In field Technical Equipment & Support
  • 24/7 Real Time Access to Critical Evaluation Data