Clinical Trial Training Solutions
PharMethod's E-Portal Implementation allows clients to streamline processes and to train, track, and certify personnel using a single custom solution. All details of a clinical trial are maintained with uniformity and compliance throughout the study's duration.
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Clinical Trial Training Solutions by PharMethod

PharMethod's Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Training Solutions experts have their fingers on the pulse of the current pharmaceutical environment and understand the challenges that clinical trials face day after day. The high costs, strict regulatory system requirements, and need for consistent training on volumes of information are the exact complexities that Clinical Trial Training Solutions by PharMethod can help your organization manage successfully.

Clinial Trial Training Platforms like CTS offers a portfolio of novel approaches that are designed to support all stages of clinical trial staff training through certification in a comprehensive and fully compliant manner. The proprietary components include an E-Portal Solutions Platform; Global Web-Based Trials Portal; On-demand Training Testing, Certification; and the ability to host, track, and report study-specific training and certification for every site user.

The bottom line: By partnering with PharMethod, you can access our vast expertise in Clinical Trial Training to meet your organization's challenges and support your success. By helping you streamline processes and complete your clinical research and trials, we deliver superior and more cost-effective solutions than traditional pharmaceutical service providers or communication firms.
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Solutions Platform is for:

  • Live and virtual meeting solutions
  • Content capture & asset creation
  • Develop on-line training solutions
  • Training, tracking & certification

Live and Virtual Engagements

  • Full-service investigator meeting management
  • Live venue and logistics & F&B specialists
  • Virtual investigator programs with global reach

Critical Technology Solutions

  • Audiovisual & production services
  • Professional content capture
  • Asset creation for training for duration of trial

Global On-Line Capabilities

  • Development of clinical trial training E-Portals
  • Experienced support and service teams