KOL Relationships
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• Business Rules Enforcement
• Compliance & Aggregate Spend Monitoring
• Proactive Relationship Management
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In pharma, appropriate relationship management is the key to success in various stages of a product life cycle. As early as possible, prepare your key opinion leaders to deliver your message articulately while you maintain all adherences to industry, state and federal speaker compliance prudent for long term success.

For years, we've kept our clients ahead of the curve and on top of their relationship management with virtual speaker training, education, contracting, financial management, slide deck management and compliance reporting, among other things.

Our KOL Relationship solution brings all of your necessary content together with all of the industry's regulatory requirements for a complete, compliant host / speaker relationship that turn your contacts into your strongest public speakers and advocates.

PharmaSPEAK is for:

  • Speaker Training & Education
  • Speaker Contracting
  • Speaker Logistics Management
  • Financial Management
  • Side Deck Management & Customization
  • Compliancy Reporting
  • Honorarium Management

KOL Relationships Solution Platform

In today's highly regulated healthcare environment, the proper management of KOL interactions has never been more important. With increasing market driven demands placed on compliant messaging, certifiable training and testing, and aggregate spend reporting it is imperative for companies to have a partner who understands these requirements. PharMethod brings a wealth of industry experience and services to the table to help our clients navigate the litany of challenges present in the market.

Our experienced management team and highly trained associates utilize the PharmaSPEAK platform to help our clients remain compliant by adhering to industry, state and federal guidelines concerning healthcare professional interactions. The platform provides a comprehensive software solution to manage the complexities of KOL interactions including pharmaceutical speaker contracting, nomination, education, training and honorarium management.

In addition, PharmaSPEAK provides a complete speaker logistics management process for booking speaking engagements, slide deck management and on-line travel itineraries. By providing convenience and exceptional service to your KOL's while creating financial oversight and transparency, PharmaSPEAK enhances our clients' competitive advantage.

Critical Services Overview

  • Business Rules Enforcement
  • Compliance & Aggregate Spend Monitoring
  • KOL Contracting (Traditional & Electronic Signature)
  • EPLS/OIG/FDA Debarment Screening
  • Early Warning Notification System for Speaker Limits
  • Payment Speaker Honoraria & Expenses
  • 1099 & Financial Detailing
  • Booking of Speaker Travel

Key Platform Advantages

  • Comprehensive data tracking for KOL nomination, screening and contracting
  • Slide Deck access, download and customization with pairing restrictions
  • Online compliance training, testing and verification
  • Speaker Bio, CV and contract data via searchable database
  • Online education modules for training and product updates
  • Financial tracking of all regulated physician payments and expenses
  • Contracting via electronic signature capture