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The right technology and the right team of support people make all the difference in successful speaker bureaus.
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Welcome to better Speaker Bureau Programs. For years, PharMethod has provided innovative solutions for live and virtual speaker program management that drive business results for our clients. By combining proprietary best in class technology platforms with highly experienced support teams we provide our clients with a competitive advantage in today's highly regulated healthcare marketplace.

Our industry leading solutions deliver a comprehensive approach to compliance, financial management, aggregate spend data, as well as program execution and evaluation. PharMethod's progressive proprietary technology platforms apply state of the art systems to current market challenges related to the Sunshine Act, PhRMA code requirements, budget allocation and attendee tracking. Through our integrated systems our clients have constant access to business-critical information for forecasting, decision making and reporting.

Finally, our market expertise helps clients navigate industry and government regulations, streamline processes and develop best practices to accomplish business goals with respect to HCP interactions. Whether you are conducting live or virtual programs we understand the value of your HCP relationships and can assist you in maximizing your investment in a fully compliant and efficient environment.
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PharmASSIST is for:
• Booking live and virtual programs
• Aggregate spend data collection
• Sunshine Act data consolidation & transfer
• Attendee registration and Tracking
• View All Meeting Activities Real Time
• Budget Management & Reporting
• Increase Sales Force Effectiveness
• Support Compliance
• Improve Financial Control
• Nominate new KOLs with Audit Trail
• Financial Reporting
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Speaker Bureaus Solution Platform
PharmASSIST™ is an all-inclusive service and software management platform for the booking, evaluation and compliant execution of promotional programs. It allows healthcare organizations to efficiently conduct thousands of HCP interactions in a compliant, transparent manner with third party oversight and robust reporting.

PharmASSIST's data and financial engine captures, tracks and provides real time reports on every detail of program spend for budget management, Sunshine Act requirements and critical data capture for program evaluation. PharMethod's experience in both establishing and operating pharmaceutical speaker programs allows us to create a resource for our clients that exceed standard marketplace requirements. To that end, our pharmaceutical speaker bureau management platform assists clients in solving some of the most critical market challenges they face in today's highly regulated business environment.

PharMethod's account management and service teams utilize PharmASSIST to help clients enact their business rules in the field, evaluate critical data for program effectiveness, and make their sales forces more efficient. The PharmASSIST platform keeps critical information accessible to users at all times, providing extraordinary data for program cost, compliance oversight, ROI reviews and Aggregate Spend data transfers.

Critical Services Overview
• Aggregate spend data collection and distribution
• Compliance Monitoring & Business Rules Enforcement
• Program Effectiveness Reporting & Consultation
• Venue, Logistics, AV and F&B Procurement
• Attendee Management and Confirmation
• Program and Speaker Evaluations
• Speaker Recruitment & Payment
• Nomination Process Management
• Master Bill Reconciliation and Reporting
• Virtual Program design and Execution

Key Platform Advantages
• Consolidates Aggregate spend data collection
• Secure centralized portal for booking, tracking and evaluating promotional activities
• 24/7 secure access to critical data for tracking, evaluation and Reporting
• Business Rules driven protocols to ensure compliant transactions
• On-line attendee management and tracking
• Key event data visible through on-line calendars at the representative or global level
• Online communication materials available for easy download
• Field-based KOL nomination capture
• Access to virtual program booking or attendance

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