Attendee Recruitment
Increase participation in live events and online web events, including post & pre-marketing solutions.
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InSomeThere are no tricks to penetrating the environment that competes for the time and attention of your prospective physicians, clinicians, and other relevant healthcare professionals. It is only by utilizing a skilled team of focused recruiters that we:

  • • Identify your audience (using your lists or ours)
  • • Contact them with laser-beamed event messaging and
  • • Attract them to your events.

We are hands-on with every targeted contact, reaching them through the communication channels most useful to you and/or them - whether it be email, phone, fax, website portals or social media.

Furthermore, we are committed to reporting the results of every touch (and every attempted touch) accurately back to you in a useable, impactful format. This operational structure assures you have all the data that you need to remain compliant with all federal recruitment reporting guidelines. We offer years of working knowledge in recruiting for the life sciences, enabling us to have a thorough understanding of the audiences with which we are communicating and its many diverse roles therein.
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PharmATTEND is for:

  • Compliantly contacting targeted attendees
  • Maximizing participation levels
  • Tracking & reporting touches
  • Registration reporting
  • Database development

Attendee Recruitment Solution Platform

A critical challenge for companies today results from limited access to healthcare professionals and increasingly stringent compliance regulations regarding that access. That's why PharmATTEND is an ideal recruitment resource for any organization in need of a well-targeted program to generate audience participants for their live or virtual events.

Our specialized recruiting staff integrates with your sales force to increase participation in events using a compliant, multi-tier approach to targeting, reaching and reminding attendees about events specific to their demographic and interests.

Our recruitment services provide proactive consulting and recommendations to assist our clients' drive toward successful events. We combine well messaged outreach with robust reporting to help us and our clients maximize results in an ever changing, complex culture.

Critical Services Overview

  • Experienced partner for recruitment program design
  • Targeted outreach based on therapeutic area, practice type and location
  • Communication vehicles developed by target preference
  • Recruiting activities performed by industry professionals
  • Targeted prospects optimized by program type
  • Access based on opt-in protocols and continuous verification

Key Platform Advantages

  • Scalable platform based on program attendance goals
  • Customized database development and updating
  • Weekly reporting on program results
  • Append missing, new or updated data in real time
  • Duplicate record identification and data merging